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Open Safari Vehicle Kruger Game Drive

Kruger Game Drive Experiences

Choose between a Self-Drive Experience or the Open Safari Vehicle Kruger Experience

Self-Drive Kruger Game Drive

On a Self-Drive Kruger Safari you are in charge of your whole day. You get to choose what time you get up, which gate you want to enter into the Kruger from, when, where and how long you're going to explore the Kruger looking for the Big 5 when and where you're going to stop for on your meal or toilet break, what sightings you're going to stop for and how long you're going to stop for to observe animal behaviour. On hot days you get to enjoy your air-con (ps Top Tip - You'll see more when you turn the car and air-con of in animal sightings as the animals prefer the quite of the bush before you got there and will most likely go deeper into the bush because of the noise cars are making) NB to guarantee you get to enter the Kruger Park we recommend you pre book especially on long weekends and SA holidays.

Open Safari Vehicle Kruger Game Drive

On an open safari vehicle (OSV) Kruger safari you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience as your guides are doing this on a daily basis and know where to go. An OSV Kruger Safari is really the ultimate experience and the closet you're going to get to nature as it unfolds in front of you. OSV 's have been specially designed for game viewing and your safety in mind as you'll be sitting higher and have a 360 degree view which is great for photographing wildlife. On a OSV you become part of the elements. You can feel the wind in your hair, hear the sounds of the bush, birds singing, lions roaring, elephants trumpeting and more. Your Kruger safari will be conducted by a (FGASA) qualified & experienced safari ranger/guide. All guides are trained and know what to look for, they also understand animal behaviour and work on a network and inform each other of great sightings like the big 5 which will ensure you see more than on a self-drive Kruger safari. On a OSV safari with a guide you will also learn about animal facts & behaviour. OSV's also get to enter the Kruger before the public. You will be picked up from the lodge around 5am and enter the Kruger at Crocodile Bridge Gate and continue towards Lower Sabie where the guide will stop for a breakfast break and you can enjoy your safari packed breakfast which is included in our Kruger packages. After breakfast you will continue with your safari until lunch back at Lower Sabie and after lunch you'll continue with your safari until you exit the Kruger at around 15:00 and you'll be dropped off back at the lodge around 15:30.

Book your Open Safari Vehicle Kruger Game Drive from Tusk Bush Lodge

Pre book your Kruger day visit

Pre Book your Kruger day visit to ensure you can enter on the day of your visit. Kruger National Park uses a quota system and when they reach that amount of vehicles that has entered into the Kruger for the day they close the gates. To avoid disappointment please follow pre book with the Kruger National Park on there Sanparks website for the days you're planning to enter the Kruger on a self drive especially on any long weekend or public holidays and if you're planing to come over Christmas and New Years you might want to book at least 6 months in advance. All pre bookings are done directly with the Kruger and their terms and conditions apply. The nearest gate to the Kruger Park from the lodge is Crocodile Bridge Gate km17 and there direct phone number if you have any enquiries for them is +27 13 735 6012

Afternoon, sunset and night drives also have to be booked and paid for directly with the Kruger at least 2 hours before the activity.

Guest planning to go on an Open Safari Vehicle with our preferred Kruger Safari operator do not have to prebook. 

Pre Book Kruger Park
Open Safari Vehicle Kruger Game Drive
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